Soul Sohpal born in England - UK,

His highly acclaimed debut E.P. entitled Enlightenment the E.P. released earlier this year in January 2007 was an International hit, and attracted worldwide critical acclaim.

Reviewed by Rolling Stone and countless others internationally - Sohpal tipped as having the flare and creativity of early "mezzanine" era Massive Attack, Natacha Atlas & 70's cult pop icons including Serge Gainsbourg, is certainly setting his groove to an international audience. ("Enlightenment the E.P." available at iTunes Worldwide)

After great initial success, Soul decided to go further and to release "Solstice the Album". This fuller and more complete episode to Sohpal's creativity is unparalleled, further strengthening Sohpal's vivid identity and musical abilities.

Solstice has now reached, and been requested in over 15 countries worldwide. Solstice the Album has it all, from visual soundtrack music for film, to funk, dance, club, acoustic, Hip Hop, Spoken Word, RnB - you name it!

Every genre of music exists here. And to go one further - all elements of Sohpal's music has been fused together very articulately, he has been "labeled" with "creating an other worldly kind of R&B and Soul music.

Solstice the Album is available to buy at iTunes and hard copy C.D. orders can be made at either his own websites mentioned or at Over play -

After starting Soul & Mind Productions ( Sohpal's next move was to establish another label that would be used for all artists involved in collaborations with his music from all over the world as well as in his native England.

Fused World Records/Studios was born. (

"initially I intended to follow the more traditional path in the recording industry and to sign with a record label.

"But I've seen just as many of you have, how much easier it has become thanks to the internet to establish yourself.

"I have a great marketing team, and the greatest confidence in myself to follow my dreams, with out having to give to much away, as is generally the case in the traditional Recording Industry.

"Fused World Records/Studios is a great platform for myself and other artists of every genre to project, sell and most importantly to reach and connect our material with the public! Internationally!"

Soul Sohpal. 1st Jan 07

The iFused World Media Group 2007.

Deep Breath
A Blend of Tabla, Rhodes Piano, Udhu, Sitar, Visual Music, Lounge, Fusion, Music of Global Significance.

h h

Indefinable Mysterious Energy
A diary of many of the great icons of the 20th century, fused together with modern visual rock pop.

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

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