By taking chords from classic jazz progressions and putting them to modern pop song structures, Roper blends into the current music scene, and works to satisfy the band’s own creative appetite. Justin Roper is the lead vocalist and guitarist, and his voice has a soothing quality that most would relate to a “lounge” atmosphere. His rhythms on the guitar come from a jazz-inspired background, but the occasional screaming leads are picked straight from classic rock. Jesse Roper is the keyboardist and backing vocalist. His bouncy playing style gives the music a pulse, yet his sounds create an ambiance that can fill the room with energy. A fireman by day, Greg Santini enjoys letting loose when work ends, and what better way than pounding out beats to creative music. All in all, Roper utilizes many familiar themes, but they attempt to bring something a little different to the table. There’s a rawness to Roper's sound that goes beyond the chord changes and rhythms, and while nothing comes easy for original bands; for some groups it’s the only way they know.Buy the CD

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1/17/2008 2:25:23 PM
"Lost My Way" is the track of the day at Garageband!



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