Sunday Night Cruise are not rockstars. Except when they are on stage. Then they definitely are. Rest assured, the second they step off stage they become human once again. If you see them around their hometown, you should definitely say hi. Sure it gets tricky being friends with billions of people, but that doesn't stop them from having a conversation with those that take the time to say hello.

Somehow over the last few years the boys have managed to not kill each other. They've also managed to come up with some pretty cool ditties. The music itself keeps evolving, but the writing process always seems to stick. When a disco/dance drummer, hardcore guitarist, folk singer and a bass player with a magnificent beard can all come together to write a tune that gets them all excited, it seems true compromise really does exist.

None of that really explains "Why you love Sunday Night Cruise". The truth is, you might not. Or maybe you love them so much, you're afraid to admit it. Love is a scary thing my friends. Sometimes you just have to embrace life and all that comes with it. But hey, what do I know, I'm just the narrator.

The moral of the story is to follow your dreams. Listen to your heart. Sleep in on Saturdays and sing in the shower. Oh yes, and purchase a copy of Sunday Night Cruise's latest EP "Overnight Success"!

All jokes aside friends, the REAL message that SNC wants you to remember is that nothing in the world ever changed without action. Whether you are fighting AIDS in Africa or trying to repair a broken friendship, if you ACTUALLY care about fixing the problem, you have to DO something to make it happen.

Love: Dean, Dave, Jon and Nathan

The Disaster

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Overnight Success

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