Dmitry Chetvergov is one of the most famous Russian guitarists. His talent not only as a guitarist, but also as a composer, arranger and sound-engineer has brought numerous collaborations with Russian top pop and rock musicians Recently Dmitry has almost totally dedicated himself to his solo work and presents at Artists Pro Artists his new solo album 'From Flower To Flower'.
Chetvergov has been representing the Russian musical scene for more than 20 years. Having completed his formal education majoring in guitar, Chetvergov earned recognition while playng in the Russian legendary funk/jazz-rock band Quadro from 1984 to 1987. Working with Quadro Dmitry was recognized as one of the best Russian guitarists, a true virtuoso and a master of improvisation.
In 1995 Chetvergov was nominated as the best guitarist by the Russian newspaper 'Moskovsky Komsomolets' (MK), and is constantly keeping leading position in electric guitar nomination of the Russian magazine Music Box.
Chetvergov has worked as a session guitarist with virtually all the top Russian musicians. From 1991 till 1997 he was along with Nikolay Noskov (ex-'Gorky Park') a guitarist and co-producer of the project 'Nikolay', and from 2000 to 2004 he worked as a guitarist with a Russian pop-star Alsou.
His first solo album Svobodny Polet (Free Flight) released in 1997 was the real revelation. In this album Chetvergov strikes the listener with his superb guitar technique and the profundity of thought. Dmitry has always been an innovator pushing music towards profress. In his recordings and live performances he uses the most advanced equipment in order to achieve unique sound. In his recordings, he mixes his guitar with the samples to create his extraordinary sound, and he also manages to reach the same effect playing live. His live shows are a fairy of virtuosity and fantasy.
In 2005 Dmitry Chetvergov was invited to join a Russian-American project "Made In Moscow" together with Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner. The project featured Russian top musicians. Chetvergov participated in a few tracks and played at a great show-presentation of the album in Moscow in the summer of 2005.
Chetvergov is also famous for his guitar clinics, during which he reveals not only the secrets of his guitar technique but also his philosophy and approach to music performace.
In his new album 'From Flower To Flower', Dmitry Chetvergov shows himself not only as a guitarist, but also as a sound-engineer and producer, and also plays many of the bass parts and all the keyboards. In this album, Chetvergov combined many deversed music styles, from traditional to the most progressive. It can be roughly characterized as a mixture of instrumental music with elements of World Music. Some tracks also feature Russian vocalists Nikolay Arutyunov and Alsou.

SolMusic Management, Canada

"Eccentric" is part of the last Cd FROM FLOWER TO FLOWER (2007)
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Guitar Instrumental
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From the last CD FROM FLOWER TO FLOWER 2007
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tom lee

9/15/2008 7:16:10 PM
dmitry you sure can play my man!

David James3

3/10/2008 9:53:32 AM
This guy does nice work...a true technician. Tasty not too over the top metal, which is refreshing.
Adroit, to say it in another way.

David James3



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Dmtry is working in the new songs for the next CD, that it will be ready in late 2008.

For the next CD we are dealing with European, American and Canadian labels.

Dmitry Chetvergov will tour still this year around the world to promote his CD FROM FLOWER TO FLOWER.

SolMusic Management, Chetvergov's management.

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