Edu Falaschi was born the 18thof May, 1972 in SãoPaulo, Brazil. When he was fourteen years old, he had his first big musical experience whenhe got his first guitar, and then his musical interest started to grow.

Edu is a complete musician, he even played the drums for six monthsin a blues band, and bass and guitar in a cover band where he started to dosome backing vocals; on the second semester of 1989, he was invited by some friends to take part in a band as a singer. They recorded a demo tape and reached thefinal of a festivalcontest: when Edu was least expecting, he was already singing for an audience of 5,000 people.

The band ended-up at the third place in this festival and so some of the band members decided to start a 'real' rock band with their own songs, and that's how MITRIUM started back in 1990; that was Edu'sfirst professional band as singerand composer.

In 1991 they recorded their first real demo tape and in 1992 they recorded the second one, all the songs were written by Edu.
The band grew up really quickly in their city, so they decided to go to SãoPaulo where they signed a contract with a record company -ARMY RECORDS -and released a four tracks 'split-LP' called "Eyes of Time", and again all the songs were written by Edu. The album received several compliments from the specialized press and the band achieved a higher level, being considered as one ofthe best metal bands of São Paulo.

With the increasing recognition of Edu, in January 1994 he had the chance to take part of a contest to find a new singer for Iron Maiden, as BruceDickinson was leaving the band. Because of his few past experience Edupreferred not to put too much faith on it, but surprisingly he was one of the singers selected from Brazil and after that from all around the world, and he has even been in contact with Dick Bell, production director of Iron Maiden Holding LTDA.

In the middle of 1998, he was invited by the band SYMBOLS OF TIME to be the producer of their first album; the singer of the band was Edu'sbrother, Tito Falaschi. Eduended-up producing the album in July 1998 and also being a member of the band. Meanwhile, still in 1998, he wrote the vocal lines and also sang in his friends' band VENUS, for the album "Ordinary Existence".

As the Symbols of Time line-up had changed a lot, they decided to change the band's name to SYMBOLS. Their first album self-titled "Symbols" was released. Once again Edus howed to the whole country his work as professional singer and songwriter, something which was soon acknowledged in the whole metal scene, making Symbols one of the best Brazilian heavy metal band.

In the beginning of 1999, he quit his job to concentrate in his band and his work as a singing teacher.

In 2000 Symbols released their second album called "Call To The End", selling a great number of copies both in Brazil and abroad.
Still in 2000, ANGRA was looking for new members and Eduwas already one of the most fancied to enter the band; then in August he was invited togo through some tests along with other singers. After some months, he received the news that he will be a member of his new band... ANGRA.

During 2001 he went on tour, performing more than 100 concerts around the world after the release of the most acclaimed album of Angra"Rebirth", which went GOLD ALBUM in Brazil, with 50.000 copies sold. Eduwas really involved in this one knowing that he wrote some of the most popular songs of the album, "Nova Era", "Heroes of Sand", "Bleeding Heart", "Judgement Day"and "Hunters and Prey". Meanwhile in 2001, Edu was awarded the 3rdbest world singer by the Japanese magazine BURRN!.

Following the great success of "Rebirth", in 2002 the band released the EP "Hunters and Prey"and the live CD/DVD "Rebirth World Tour - Live in São Paulo ".During 2003 he took part on the rock opera "Genius", created by his friend DanieleLiverani, where he performed among some of the greatest names of contemporary rock singers such as Eric Martin (ex-Mr. Big), Mark Boals(ex-Malmsteen), Daniel Gildenlow(Pain of Salvation) and Russel Allen (Symphony X).

In 2004, Angrareleased the new album "Temple of Shadows", where Educould show his versatility as a singer, with different and heavier vocal arrangements, as he said himself "this is my best performance so far!!!". This time, inviting friends such as the three times Grammy awarded Milton Nascimento, Kay Hansen from Gamma Ray and Hansi Kürsh from Blind Guardian to sing along with him.

Edu has lots of plans for the future and he is currently working onhis own, unique and daring new musical project. Meanwhile, he's really excited and looking forward to the new Angraworld wide tour,a whole new journey towards his greatest goal... sing to the world!

Edu Falaschi is the 5th best singer of the top 10 in the world!

Edu Falaschi recorded with ANGRA 5 Albums
ANGRA's labels:
SPV records Germany
JVC records Japan

ALMAH is Edu Falashi's project
ALMAH's labels:
AFM records Germany
JVC records Japan

Management and International booking:
SolMusic Management, Canada

Licensed Cover

Live Performances
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Licensed Cover

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Audio Weapon

2/27/2008 1:54:49 PM
Thanks for listening. You have some great sounding pieces here my friend!
Rock on,Rob


2/24/2008 1:41:33 PM
It's a good thing you are doing-----It's good to see a cosmopolitan mix of great artists here at IAC!
Will keep in touch!



2/22/2008 1:57:39 AM
Hi EDU - Thanks for stopping by our page for a visit!!!

Good Luck with your Tour!!!!

Structural Damage

2/20/2008 6:40:11 PM
Greetings Tiziana
Yes i will stay intouch as we are looking for good management for S.D. & my solo group called Steph Klish
I will send you a song from my solo music
Thank you again my friend .
Steph Klish

Structural Damage

2/20/2008 6:22:23 PM
Greetings EDU
I am Structural Damage Guitarist Steph Klish
Thank you for the kind words about Structural Damage Music My Friend
I work hard to compose the music & write the lyrics for S.D.
I love your music as well.
Send me an personal email link and i will send you some of my solo music.
Keep it Metal!!

Two Silo Complex

2/16/2008 5:50:47 PM
Hello again,
I had no idea that you were the manager for both Axemaster and Almah. This was pretty funny to find out after I had left comments for both groups. I can see that you manage your groups well with such successfull tours and world wide recogition. I agree the UK and Europe is a much better market than the US. I would very much like to sell my music there, I think it would do well. Congratulations of your role as manager for such a great line up of talented musicians. I hope one day we could meet. I would be proud to shake your hand.
Best wishes my friend. Your future is bright.
Two Silo Complex


2/14/2008 4:27:07 PM

You are a King!!



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