The hookup has been made. Delta Blues artist SLIM FATZ and legendary music producer Neal James have teamed up to produce the new SLIM FATZ cd album titled: “The Original Slim”.

Closing your eyes it is as if you have stepped back into the modern past. An all acoustical, all original Delta based album recorded with realism and extreme technique. Crystal clear guitar riffs flowing down main street towards memory lane. The sound grabs you, draws you in. You can’t help but follow the hypnotic rhythm and the unusual beat. You have now been touched in the soul by blues man SLIM FATZ.

The songs tell a story about heartaches, love, loss, hard drinking, beautiful women and hard times. The raspy, sandpaper grit of SLIM FATZ’ voice tells the story of an emotional life, living on the street, playing slide for a living and surviving it all.

SLIM FATZ started out his career in New York before later moving to Atlanta then to Florida. Also spending quality time on the streets of New Orleans and in the alleys of Memphis. Some of SLIM FATZ’ influences include: Louis Armstrong, Robert Johnson, Taj Mahal, Leon Redbone and Tom Waits.

SLIM FATZ’ music matches his personality. His live shows are a must see in order to appreciate all aspects of his music. On occasion, if the mood and booze are right, SLIM FATZ will lay a preachin’ on ya. He stands up, slaps his chest as if to chase out the demons, stomps his feet to be heard, falls down on his knees and raises his arms into the air to shake a finger as if to say, I’ve go something to say. Listen up folks, this is SLIM FATZ.

Hoe de Culture

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Winter's Comin'

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