Originally born in London, England and raised in Los Angeles, CA, Leon's musical experiences range from being lead guitarist for R&B legends Wilson Pickett, Bobby Womack and David Ruffin to writing tunes for soundtracks, artists and bands. He got an early start in music when he joined "The Outlaw Blues Band" at age 17. The band played all the clubs and outdoor "Love-In" concerts in L.A. during the "Peace, Love and Flowers" era; and recorded two albums for ABC "Bluesway" with the late, great jazz producer Bob Thiele (John Coltrane, Impulse Records, Buddy Holly, etc.). Leon wrote and co-wrote the band's original material. The tune “Deep Gully” from the second album was sampled by two rap groups. The first being the English rap group De La Soul back in 1993 and later the rap group Cypress Hill. Both albums are enjoying a resurgence on the internet from a reissue label.
From there Leon joined an original recording band under the production and guidance of Little Feat leader Lowell George, who presented the band to Earl McGrath (former President of Rolling Stone Records). McGrath signed the band to a recording contract on a new label with Atlantic Records' Chairman Ahmet Ertegun. After many months Leon worked up a dozen original tunes with Lowell and the other members of the band unfortunately, the label went out of business and thus the group disbanded. At that point, Leon went back to recording and touring as a freelance guitarist where he met songwriter/producer Deke Richards (Jackson Five, Diana Ross, Motown) and in the course of a few years they wrote and recorded together for the Four Tops, Marin Jahan (Flashdance) and tv/movie soundtracks.
Leon's tune "Down In Roswell," about the crashed UFO incident, caught the ear of movie producer Paul Davids and was picked up for the title track of the two-part video package he was producing on the subject. Paul Davids again called on Leon to contribute material for two of his other projects. He selected two songs for a documentary called "Timothy Leary's Dead", and one song for his film "Starry Night" about Van Gogh.
Currently, Leon has just finished a twelve song Indie CD called" Leon Rubenhold: A Close Circle of Friends" in which he writes, sings and performs on all the tracks with the help from a close circle of friends.The material within draws from many of the musical influences Leon has come in contact with over the years.
The CD is available on CDBaby.com/Rubenhold, www.leonrubenhold.com, itunes and Amazon.com.

Bye Bye Blue Skies
A very catchy, bouncy, pop song addressing the much ignored issue by the media and the political arena regarding the pollution of the atmosphere and the planet on a worldwide basis by the use of aerosol spraying of "chemtrails" by jet planes.

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Afraid To Be Born
A very etheric, dreamy produced tune attempting to capture the feel and imagery of hovering just outside the body you are about to inhabit for your next lifetime!

Alternative Pop Rock
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