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Why do they rock so hard? This is the question that has fans and the music industry buzzing about Barefoot Bride. The Los Angeles based rock band comprised of Javan, Andy Lanier, Dave Ramirez, and Stephen Todd; has not given this question a second thought since it has been a way of life for the past four years. Javan 24 (Vocals/Guitar), Andy 24 (Guitar/B. Vocals), Dave 22 (Drums), and Stephen Todd 25 (Bass/B. Vocals) all had a love for listening and playing Rock music. In the fall of 1999, in a small apartment in Costa Mesa, they turned that love into a project called Barefoot Bride. Their first show, at Hoagie Barmicheals later that year, set the stage for what has become the most high-energy rock show in Southern California. Immediately upon hitting the music scene, Barefoot Bride performed at venues such as the Galaxy Theater, Gypsy Lounge, Chain Reaction, the Whiskey, the Roxy, and the Knitting Factory. In addition, their music has been showcased on Garageband.com, Farmclub.com, and 94.3 Cool Radio. Barefoot Bride has opened for several major label acts, such as Maroon 5, Rooney, Vendetta Red, Sugar Cult, Square, Jupiter Sunrise, and Melee, to name a few. In no time, Barefoot Bride gained a reputation as the premier rock band in Orange County. They performed at events like the CHOC Walk and the Ady G. Foundation Cancer Benefit. They were featured in magazines like Modern Fix, Music Connection, and Live Magazine. To exand their fan base and spread their brand of Rock-n-Roll, Barefoot Bride plunged head first into the Hollywood music scene. While their music is unique, Barefoot Bride’s influences stem from bands like Weezer, Foo Fighters, 311, and Third Eye Blind; to The Beach Boys, the Beatles, and the Cars. Barefoot Bride’s sound is driven by a combination of dueling guitars, harmonies, and a sultry rhythm section. They have a distinct pop sensibility without sacrificing the Rock n’ Roll edge. Barefoot Bride's self-titled debut album, produced by Mark Renk and Jeff Kolmann, who work closely with acclaimed producer Jay Baumgardner, was released July 2004 on Big Time Records to rave reviews. Among the accolades, the BFB LP received a nomination for Best Rock/Pop Album of the Year by the 2004 Los Angeles Music Awards and were listed in Music Connection Magazine¹s ""Hottest 100 Artists"" (Dec., 2004). With national distribution in 26 major retail markets, Barefoot Bride has embarked on a year long tour in support of their album. Why do they rock so hard?Šbecause that¹s who they are and that¹s what makes them the most exciting band from Los Angeles to visit your town!

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Currently recording a 3 song demo in the studio that was asked for. Will be touring in March throughout the US. Check out www.myspace.com/barefootbride for show dates and times
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Barefoot Bride