AMYSSIS, it is the story of four seventies-rock-era nostalgic pals.

Peter GREED: vocals, guitars, violin, mandolin
Begins the music with violin studies at age 7, and follows the course of a classical violonist at the academy of music, before deviating of the straight and narrow 10 years later and dedicating himself to guitar and songwriting. Its inspirers name Neil Young, Jeff Buckley, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Chris Whitley, Pearl Jam …

Rick KACKMANN: keyboards, arrangements, backing vocals, drums
Self-educated pianist, he plays with the constant concern of reviving the sounds which rocked his childhood: Fender Rhodes, Hohner Clavinet, Hammond B3. Considers the alchemist Herbie Hancock as a reference and sees himself unceasingly at the wheel of red Ford Gran Torino ... (Remember, Starsky and Hutch ?)

Together, they form the band AMYSSIS in 1998 and home-recording of their compositions begins in a mysterious cellar in the Paris suburbs. It is done peacefully using a simple 4 tracks minidisc recorder and 4 simple ears, with genuine acoustic instruments: guitar, Fender Rhodes, violin. Rythm section came afterwards, ensured by Ian HAYES on drums and Malcolm Mac LAMBERT on bass, 2 good musicians accustomed to live playing, bringing a solid background for stage acts.

During years 2000 and 2001, RTL, the 1st french radio, braodcasts 3 AMYSSIS tracks in the “ZIKWEB” programme, presented every evening by Francis ZEGUT, selected as ""Webzik of the week"".

In October 2001, their first 5-tracks album ""The Quest"", is released at the “Art de Vivre” Shopping Centre of Eragny near Paris. The graphic design is signed Gerald PAREL, a professional sci-fi drawer.

The pop-progressive mood of ""The Quest"" is changing: sometimes gloomy (King of the pills, the story of a worrying wizard who can all cure), sometimes sparkling (Smoke of gods), sometimes in the atmosphere of American movies of the Seventies (Professor Windbreaker). Their music wants to be current while borrowing the sounds of authentic rock.

On 2003, the title “It’s time” is chosen as the music of the “MTV LIVE” program teasing background music on MTV.

Well known in Paris and suburbs, on aired regularly on numerous radio programs, AMYSSIS is also touring in France with theatricalized and humourous shows.

Vessel AMYSSIS already took off many times in Paris and suburbs, including “Le Zénith de Paris”, ""La Scene"", “House of Live”, “Opus Jazz and Soul Club”, etc ...

AMYSSIS is currently recording at home their second album, a blend of hooky rock riffs, and still a progressive pop mood.

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