Yoo There !

I'm Wim ! I'm from the northern part of The Netherlands (Europe). Music is my passion !

3 Years ago I started a one man band home recording project under the bandname "Secret Separation". At the internet Soundclick is main music base station ! Besides that ( excellent)site I have not been around music sites a lot !

For starters I've uploaded a compiled soundfile with a brief overview of my music !

For further info check my Soundclick page !

Music can give a possitibe vibe, use this gift !

Kind regards !


Be well, Be brave and Enjoy yourselfs !

Secret Separation - My Demo Vibe !
Just an impression of my music !

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

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Lord Bugs II

8/6/2008 11:55:35 AM
Hey Wim!
I got this new one there!
on my page here...
Tell me if u like it!

Lord Bugs II

7/23/2008 2:28:04 AM
Almost forgot!
Hey! Your vibe is always so shiny! :)
What a clever & well done compil!
Really good!

U're really one of my fav artists!
In mind, in hands, in chords and in production!
Put aSC player there! It works! I just did it!
So smart.... lol!

Your friend.
(Really funny, we became net monsters... :))
Great lol to u!

Lord Bugs II

7/23/2008 2:11:22 AM
Heyaaaaouh! U're here too!
I'm getting crazy these days creating new pages everywhere! lol!
I did it on myspace and sent u an invitation as friend!
Dunno if u received it!
I am even on Facebook! lol again!
Well I know u got a new track... I will listen to it pretty soon!
Be blessed my friend!



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Secret Separation