Ruined for Life is a central Indiana based band with various rock influences. The 4 piece band all started after Frankie B. erupted out of a 10 year doldrum with a cluster of rock songs. Frankie ’hit the road’ playing solo acoustic sets anywhere he could. Playing songs that were inspired by some of his darkest days, he knew that this was just the beginning. Armed with his ""always on"" vocals and passionate songwriting, Frankie looked to fill out his band.

Adding bass player Trent Martin, who Frankie had to convince to leave beautiful southern California to join his band. Trent injects equal passion and commitment (you have to be commited to move out of Orange Co. to Indiana) to the Ruined for Life sound.

Pounding out the rhythm is drummer Kyle Manship. Kyle brings an endless knowledge of music to the bare bones rock sound of Ruined for Life. His playing style exhibits strong focus and his knowledge of many different playing styles. He also serves as the band studio aficionado.

Tysen Adams is the newest member (no relation to Frankie). Tysen and Frankie played music together long ago in a land far far away, but after a 12 year hiatus from music, Tysen has quickly come back to power as a force at lead guitar.

Ruined for Life is still in their infant stage but already causing a buzz in the local music scene. ""Pick Yourself Up"" was featured on the opening credit of a NBC reality show called ""Off the Streets"". ""Because of You"" was also used in episode #6. Ruined for Life is working with the producers of the show on another project. Ruined for Life has also opened up for popluar Indianapolis bands like: The Virgin Millionaires, Xero Sum, and Kramus, and has been asked to headline a stage at this upcoming CarmelFest.

Having only been together for 6 months...look for bigger and better things as Ruined for Life begins to gel and makes rock it’s bitch!

Frankie B. - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Tysen Adams - Lead Guitar
Trent (Thunder Funk) Martin - Bass
Kyle Manship - Percussion, Backing Vocals

Ruined for Life is currently recording a full-length CD at Beltauer Records.

Ruined for Life uses their 5 song EP: Peppers & Pearls as giveaways at shows to allow fans to get a taste of their music.

Running Back to You

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

Take All Your Pain

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

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