After Dusk is a 5 member metal band from Athens founded in 1997. They played live many times all over Athens in venues and school festivals until 1999.
Due to studies and military obligations they weren’t able to record
something until 2004, when they started to work on their first album “Senses of Dusk” which was finished in early 2005. The album had a dark, gothic atmosphere and had instantly gained the ears of those who heared it, but the band chose not to promote it because they had something a lot heavier in mind.
They instantly started to work on their second album “The witch’s pact” which was finished early in 2006 and has earned many good reviews ever since. It contained 10 metal dynamites and they had almost no negative comments. Also they produced a music video for the song “Overspeed” that is available on their web pages.
In 2008, they finnished their third album entitled “Hybris”, which according to the band’s enviroment, has an even heavier
sound and the songs are straight to the point! The first reviews for
the new album are near perfect and the comments from the live gigs are big compliments!!! Also they had some serious airplay from metal shows all over the globe (Usa, UK, Spain, Greece and more)!!!
Now they are searching for a record deal so that they can produce
100% the sound they have in mind...
You can have more than a taste of the band by viewing their web

Contact After Dusk:

War of the Gods

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The four plagues

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