Deciduous means ""temporary"" or ""tending to fall off"" and is typically used in reference to trees or shrubs that lose their leaves seasonally. In a more specific sense deciduous means the dropping of a part that is no longer needed, or falling away after its use is finished. In plants it is the result of natural processes, so too in music. Deciduous, AKA Shane Wilson lives and makes music on the west coast of British Columbia For five years, Shane has worked both at home and in professional studios, on projects ranging from the mainstream to the obscure. With a local following of nature enthusiasts and fellow musicians, Deciduous holds a monthly slot at Trees Cafe in downtown Vancouver on the first friday of every month. With musical styles ranging from ambient drone to more dance-able forms dub and reggae influenced electronic music, the music of Deciduous attempts to bridge the gap between a natural and urban aesthetic of sound and music. With upcoming releases on Silent Season and collaborations with other artists in the works, Deciduous is ready to bring his music to the world. Having played alongside artists such as Pole, Sirbassa, Calamalka, Michael Red, and fellow duckbay artist Segue, Deciduous is constantly learning + improving his set. Using his knowledge of audio software, Shane has been working as a studio engineer on several different projects including Tulku, Little Wolf Band and Sacred Ground. Working with such a variety of musicians was a great inspiration, and he has continued to work both in collaboration with other artists, and on developing his own sound. In 2005 Shane was asked to work on a collaborative album called ""Sacred Ground"" a compilation of different musicians who shared the idea of bringing traditional forms of Native American music into a contemporary context. This album would later go on to win a Grammy Award for ""Best Native American"" Album. ............. Influences range from old school dub such as King Tubby and Yabby You, to the new school dub of Deadbeat and the classic electronic soundscapes of bands like Boards of Canada. Current projects include releases on the netlabel and and Deciduous is currently involved in the mixing and composition of some tracks for the next Tulku album.


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John Pippus

9/22/2009 10:27:50 PM
shane. you and me are neck 'n neck in the 'world catagory'. small world eh?

John Pippus

8/6/2009 4:45:58 AM
hey shane. welcome to IAC. good luck in the 'world' catagory.



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