To all,

i am working on my record and I have put up some scratch tracks for all to enjoy... hopefully

I'm just a Cheap TV...


Analog Blue is singer/songwriter/filmmaker Alexander David Rossi. It is currently a one man band where he plays piano, drums, bass, guitar and sings on all of his recordings. Alexander grew up in Portland, Oregon, studied music at the University of Oregon in the 90s, then moved to Boston where he formed a band with Scott Fisher and David Zuckerman called Soular. They recorded an album called “Grasp” and played hundreds of live shows in New England, and the Pacific NW before disbanding.

In 2000 Alexander went into Sound Impressions recording studio to track the first of Analog Blue’s songs, while studying film at the NW Film Center.

After finishing five songs, and a few experimental short films he left the Pacific N.W. for Southern California. Getting a scholarship, he attended film school at Art Center College of Design, where he made several more shorts, scored films, wrote screenplays, and wrote and recorded lots of music... then finally graduated.

Analog Blue’s, Alexander David Rossi is now living in Hollywood and is recording tracks in Cold6Record’s loft/studio/gallery/bar in Downtown Los Angeles for Analog Blue’s first full length album “the anti-spectacular endeavors club”. Available this fall on!

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