Morningbell’s presence in the Florida music scene has been growing steadily over the past two years. The band has performed across the state in nearly a dozen cities. Most notably, the band has opened for Kevin Martin (Candlebox) and the HiWatts at the Miller Lite Tailgate party at the 2004 FedEx Orange Bowl and for International Orange, Robert Sledge’s (Ben Folds Five) current band in Gainesville. Morningbell’s sound has been described as psychedelic rock. The band’s most recognizable influences are The Beatles and The Flaming Lips. Enclosed is a copy of the band’s first full length album, “Learning By Musical Montage.” The album was self-released last December to much critical acclaim and was recently ranked ..3 in the top 10 Gainesville albums of 2004. Furthermore, six local newspapers in Gainesville and one in Tallahassee have written a total of ten pieces on the band in the last four months. The band has also received air time on half a dozen radio stations across the state. The band’s recordings should give you an accurate depiction of their musical style; however, their music stands up best behind their captivating live performances. The band has been known to bring unique instruments (vibraphone, theremin, viola) and an arsenal of lighting effects (all purchased at Lowe’s hardware not a DJ store or Guitar Center). The result is a uniquely wild light show that accompanies the musical performances. From high intensity miniature lights that clip on the band members’ glasses to jackets embroidered with motion Christmas lights, the band puts on a highly visual show.

song sounds best when actually listened to underwater

Alternative Retro and Psychedelic
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Learning By Musical Montage
5/4 meter, suckas

Alternative Retro and Psychedelic
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""Learning by Musical Montage,"" the band's first full length is ranked #3 album of 2004 by

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