Jalyn is a vegetarian and compassionate musician. He is literally ""GREEN"". He recycles, refuses to put out any CDs because of the waste and he conserves electricity. Currently, he is attempting to be 100% grid-free by solar-powering his home-studio. He believes good art should be free, and through these thoughts - he presents RECYCLED BEATS.

Growing up in the San Francisco Bay area, Jalyn was the youngest of 10. He found himself exposed to music and singing as far back as he can remember. It was at the age of 2, that Jalyn started belting out tunes. Influenced by his father who was a choir director, and mother, a singer/songwriter. Jalyn developed an eclectic taste in music inspired by all of the different styles he heard being played by his older brothers and sisters. Jalyn's name alone reflects the coming together of musicians, and means a ""sweet harmony"".

As a self-taught musician, he not only plays the piano, guitar, bass and drums, but he produces beats and his tracks with the utmost precision. With a keen sense of tone - he is able to work on tracks from hip-hop to house. As a singer, songwriter, and multi-talented instrumentalist, Jalyn's sweet vocals embody old school funk, soul, and electronica. His recent release – Phosphene is completely representative of crossing musical boundaries, and after a few listens, you too, will be humming day in and out.

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