Artist: DrewV
Location: Austin, TX
Instruments Played: Electric & Acoustic Lead & Rhythm and Slide Guitar, Bass Guitar, Keyboard, Harmonica and assorted percussion instruments.
Additional Attributes: Songwriter, sound engineer, music producer, music video producer, album concept and graphic design, record label owner, website designer.
Musical Influences: Mid to Late 1950’s Rock & Roll, Mid to late 1960’s British and American Rock, The Blues, “Old Gold” and modern interpretations.
Primary Guitar Influences: Scotty Moore, The Ventures, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Billy Gibbons, Carlos Santana, Albert King, Keith Richards.
Discography: Time Zero (1985) 45rpm record
Up On the Stage Again (1997) CD of 1986 live show at Nick’s Uptown, S.Padre Island ,TX
Martian Sunrise (2000) CD
Transparent (2002)
Humpty Dumpty (2006) CD
Leddfinger – Instrumental Electric Guitar Music (2006) CD
Equatoria (2008) CD

Music Videos: Available free on (search drewswebsite)
Shapes Of Things
George Harrison- A Tribute
Live In The Future

Addition Videos on Youtube:
Chemtrails I, II & III
Ron Paul For President
“Old School” in “Show Me The Money”


Instrumental Rock Guitar comparable stylistically to Carlos Santana.

Classic and Progressive Rock
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Crying Won't Stop The Rain
Straight up Electric Blues.

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Austin TX USA
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Solid rhythm beds and soaring, tastefully toneful lead guitar work permeates this new eight-song record release by DrewV. Equatoria features six new tunes written and produced by DrewV, including three brand new guitar-spanking instrumentals. Purple Haze and Voodoo Child (Slight Return) written by the one and only Jimi Hendrix open and close this dynamic new record like chapters in a musical book. DrewV’s musical interpretation of these great songs will leave no doubt in anyone’s mind as to his guitar prowess and virtuoso capabilities. From the blues-stricken “Crying Won’t Stop The Rain” to the fluid slide-guitar work on “Down The Mississippi” and “Surf 888” this is rock guitar and rock guitar music at its finest. You are bound to find something or everything to like about Equatoria. Equatoria is the 7th record release by Austin, Texas musician DrewV, officially released worldwide on the Rocking House Records label, December 31, 2008. Available at, Itunes and many other digital download sites.
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