Hi, My name is Joseph Rodriguez and In late 60's when I was in school my mother take guitar lessons and by that time I play the drums, therefore when she thought I was doing my homework I was triying to learn some chords. I was practicing enough until I learn a lot and I had my first band and we played music of Grand Funk. Until that time I saw the movie Woodstock, that movie changed my life forever, Santana blew my mind and Jimi hendrix was the man. I learn some different style of playing the guitar, I thought, If I'll practice enough I play like Alvin Lee. I mix the style of Santana and Jimi Hendrix and that's my style, mostly Santana.


'90 Les Paul Studio
2006 Fender American Satratocaster
Zoom GFX - 8
Tube Works - Tube Driver 100w combo 1/12
Tube Works head 100w with 4/12 Mesaboogie cab.
Korg 01/Wfd
Dean Bass
Mackie 12/2
JBL Monitor 4206
ECHO - DARLA 24/96 4ins/8outs
Nuendo 3.2.0.

A blend of Rockmetal/w Bossanova

Classic and Progressive Rock
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