We are a two man electronic band coming from many diverse influences of music.
Matt Vonplinsky has derived his sound from groups like Stained, Tool, Hurt and Breaking Benjamin.
I myself (Mike Harp) have always had an undying commitment to electronic music with groups like Skinny Puppy, Frontline Assembly, Autechre, Aphex Twin and Fischerspooner.
Together we formed a sound that we coined ""Rocktronica.""
Although not completely a new genre or sound,
we still think the music is somewhat original in its' own way.

Our sound sometimes ranges from melancholy to political angst. Questioning the very fabric of our existance and meaning.
A voice that cries out from the shadows of a gray world, searching for the light and the good in the souls of man.


eclectic electronic
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believer(instrumental) international

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Music video to the song ""Locked away inside"" will soon be on myspace page. We'll keep posting here for updates to those who are interested.

Our cd is sold at CD Baby as well as Mp3's
Please, if you don't purchase our music, at least take a minute to comment your thoughts and opinions on the music.
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