Zallen (aka singer/songwriter Michael Jones) is a native Los Angeles musician and visual artist. He has been performing professionally in numerous bands since the age of fifteen when he co-formed the band ""Eulogy"" with Rusty Anderson (top session musician; and Paul McCartney's present lead guitarist). Eulogy won the battle of the bands at the Pasadena Civic and produced the song ""When You're Young"" for LA's powerhouse radio station KNAC.

After Eulogy, Zallen formed the band Eclipse and continued to tour and entertain packed high schools and college stadiums with his flamboyant stage antics.

Then Zallen, along with Daniel Van Patten and Chris Velasco formed a new band called Zicko Glick, an early incarnation of what eventually became the top selling Berlin (""Sex,"" ""Take My Breath Away,"" and numerous other hits). Daniel went on to produce the first Berlin album.

Zallen co-composed, produced, and performed an independent release with his friend Billy Paul under the band name Bozart in the late 80's, garnering him attention from Prince's label Paisley Park and Janet Jackson's producers, Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam. The sound could be described as The Beatles meet Prince.

Zallen's band ""Cryin' Out Loud,"" co-formed with his friend Steven James, was named Band of the Month by Los Angeles radio station KLOS (Mark & Brian) and the songs ""This City"" and ""Handguns and Home Survival"" were featured on the Local Licks program.

The song ""This City"" was featured in the film ""Nature of the Beast,"" staring Eric Roberts and Lance Henriksen, and directed by Victor Salva, who's other movies include ""Powder"", ""Jeepers Creepers"", and ""Peaceful Warrior"".

Zallen recorded five CDs (I Live In A Box, Mook, Spintime, Top 10 & Spacetoy) from his digital home studio and released them on his web site. He was a weekly featured artist and has had over 21 songs in the top 10 Psychedelic, Mod, Glam Rock, Brit Pop, and Latin Music Charts, with the song ""Mars Express"" holding at # 2 for three months straight on the Psychedelic Charts, and the song ""Expensive Date,"" co-written with Rusty Anderson, hitting #1 In the Mod Genre. Sadly is no longer in existence.

Zallen has composed music for MTV, VH1, Discovery Channel, numerous TV commercials, and TV shows. Zallen has also composed numerous commercial spots for one of his biggest clients 1-800-DENTIST, including two spots featured at a World Champion Anaheim Angels home game at Angel Stadium.

His four previous independent releases, ""Afactsafact,"" ""Smudge,"" ""Yowza,"" ""Absolute Elsewhere"", ""Everybody's Got Something To Hide"", and the upcoming release ""Eclectica"" are available at all online retail outlets.

Zallen is also an accomplished painter, specializing in Surrealistic, and Photorealistic works of art. He can be reached at

Shitz And Giggles
Upbeat Melodic Pop/rock tune with Prince and Beatle overtones

h h

Upbeat Beatlesque Bowie Beck laden tune

Alternative Modern Rock
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Lars Mars

7/27/2009 8:58:47 PM

Hey Michael, glad to see you made it to IAC. Welcome.

Glenn & Lars Mars



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""Electica"" has 14 new Zallen tunes that are completely different not only from each other, but from anything Zallen has ever recorded.
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