Craig Lyons is a distinct and passionate singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer. Having released three self-recorded, self-produced solo albums during a period of artistic solitude on the shores of his native Lake Erie, Craig has exploded into LA's independent music scene with the release of his fourth album, 'On Reflection'.

A quiet small-town guy bringing heart back to a cynical music landscape, Craig brings intimate acoustic sublimity to his live electric rock show. His band performs regularly at LA's most distinguished venues including The Viper Room, Key Club, and the House of Blues.

Quickly recognizing the talent of this new artist, Craig’s music has been licensed by Universal Music, Fox and MTV, and heard on shows such as 'So You Think You Can Dance' and 'The Real World'. Craig has been nominated for the LA Music Awards 2 consecutive years and swept 2008's Star Music Awards, taking home top honors 'Artist of the Year' and 'Singer/Songwriter of the Year'. Craig has appeared in Music Connection Magazine and can be heard on FM radio (including ClearChannel), independent radio (including WOXY), and college radio (including 92WICB, MTV-U best station 2008).

A fervent social activist and volunteer, Craig is featured on the ambitious charity 'Feed333' album, has organized his own benefit performances for Shriner's Hospital pediatric burn victims, volunteers as a mentor for musically gifted special-needs children, and is committed to personal and professional environmental responsibility.

Craig's first collaborative effort, 'On Reflection', features his dedicated band, a live Hollywood string orchestra, Grammy-winning mixer Rob Hoffman (Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson), and multi-platinum mastering engineer Patricia Sullivan Fourstar (Paul McCartney, U2). With FOX TV airtime in the week of its launch, this work represents Craig's finest work to date and is thrusting him into the next tier of his already flourishing career.

Across The Universe

Licensed Cover

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

If It Helps You Sleep

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

The Rest Of Me

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

Pandora's Box

h h


h h

Start In The Middle

h h

Dreaming World

Alternative Modern Rock
h h

Dead Man's Song

h h

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Steve Sossin

12/26/2009 5:02:05 PM
Just a phenomenal talent.....plain and simple

Nikolaus von Knorring

7/31/2009 7:44:45 PM

I have voted for your song "Dreaming World" in the Contest 2009 Rock Entries.
Here's the motivation:

This just sounds so professional. You certainly know how things shall be done.



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"Singer/songwriter Craig Lyons is a talented young artist with a number of intriguing compositions in his repertoire...creating a certain honesty and intimacy in his lyrics. He is a gifted vocalist... an energetic and enthusiastic performer."
Music Connection, Vol. XXXI, No. 9

"A shining star rises over LA and lands with a Moonburn."
Barry Bergman
Ellymaxco/WoodMonkey Music

"Craig's music is completely original, though somewhat evocative of the coolest aspects of Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, and Pete Yorn. The melodies on this disc have real staying power. Listen to 'Camera Shy' and 'Falling Upward' if you need proof. One listen through this album invites another, and another, and... The playing, vocals, and production from Craig Lyons are first-class. This is smart music for a new millenium."
Chris Wheatley
General Manager, WICB-Ithaca, NY
voted #1 college radio station 2008 by MTV

"One of the best shows I've seen in a long time."
Cuba Gooding Jr.

"Craig Lyons is what the Star Music Awards is all about. A true seasoned performer with an original talent that the world should become aware of. I am sure that his recent success at the SMA's will catapult him to another level in his career.
Christopher Chabot
President, R.O.C. Entertainment

"One of today's best independent artists."
ClearChannel Music

"Craig brings a refreshing sound to an overly saturated music scene. His music evokes a mood and takes you away with his mesmerizing lyrics. Craig can also get your blood pumping with tracks like Dreaming World.."
JR Lindsey
Creative Director, Chrysalis Music Publishing
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