Blood Engine is from mutherfuckin TEXAS! We love to play hard and play live harder. Our life is music, not a game, we take this shit seriously, for those of you who don't understand come out to a Blood Engine show and have a good time, enjoy a beer and some greenery with us, well some of us anyway, the others will just pickle your liver. We enjoy performing for all of you because we know that one day we might never get the chance to see you again, bieng that we live on borrowed time, when we meet you it's love at first sight. After being together for a little over a year, we've managed to play some killer shows and release our debut CD, ""Driven By The Blood,"" produced by Tim Gerron (MOD, Skatenigs, Unloco) and mastered by legendary guitarist James Murphy (Death, Obituary, Testament). The CD consists of 10 tracks and is 35 minutes in length for a real to the point experience. Pick up your copy today and we'll be seein ya in a town near you soon! Thank you for all of your support!

Doomed to Fall

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The Game

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Cd out! Available on Itunes!
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