DON,T listen to all the talk in between just listen to the sound if you like it fan it .A unique vocalist, a real song writer with charisma, a deserving equal star. Deans music has an easy listening style in the literal sense of the word'it's easy to listen to and pleasing to the senses' which displays a true talent. With his inspirations deriving from broad life experiences his sound allows lots of different people from all walks of life to relate to at least one of his tracks. Dean has had the benefit of being able to develop his tracks by making use of oppotunities that have come his way. These include the use of well known producers who have already produced chart topping hits as well as the use of Polygram Islands' recording studios and sound engineers. Dean feels ready to promote his music now and get it out there so the people can hear this new fantastic sound. Dean has been working hard over the years to develop his talent for singing, writing and producing tracks and is now at the stage where he is ready to show his achievements to the world. Please do take time out to listen to some of the tracks as you wont be dissapointed with what you hear. Your comments and critisims would be greatly appreciated and taken on board. Please feel free to leave your comments after you have listened to the tracks. Thanks for taking the time to read this

Night time troubles
nice jazzy feel

h h

Tears in my eyes
nice reggea number

h h

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