Started drums at age 10, and played ever since. Have cool kit. Tinker with guitars since i was young, took it seriously only in my 30s. I play acoustic flamenco, or electric 7 string. Ibanez RG7620 Rock or Prog. Even get spacey or shreddy (because its fun and it's pretty to listen to.
I write/compose, play, and record all my own original material. Some of it is easy on the ear some is avant garde but good to listen to. Some is hard out rock with real bite.
The kind of music that is like a little journey. A lot of the time now I like to work hard on composition and try not to have repeating biddly biddly liks on electric, or acoustic guitar...Flowing melody is my thing. With a LOT of emotion. Much of this is still in the pipeline, so stay tuned.
I use a unique but powerful percussive drumming style. Lots of fun to play that way.
Basically this all music for now, not based on years past...but the

A brief acoustic..flamenco or classical...nylon strings and fingers

Guitar Instrumental
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2/1/2010 5:24:47 PM

Hi Pete

just added ewe to a couple of stations





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I have played in Clubs and venues locally. Both bands and solo. I have found bans start great, but everyone wants to be a superstar without doing the hard work. I think the emotional roller coaster of learning scares most away.

Also live accompaniment for drama productions.

3/29/2014 7:09:34 PM
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Pete Roy