Talented, funny, gorgeous, determined. Cherry Babes have not only a fizzy name, they are all about having fun: their first single, the pop hit First - , is a catchy song, with a perfect tune for dance and party on.
"" We want to give people a song who help them to enjoy themselves"" say Cherry Babes. And this song really fits the goal: in their home Country, Italy, they already performed in their own concerts and in several events getting legions of followers and fans.

The song First is also featured in the first Italian movie/musical for cinema Summer Campus: the summer of your dreams which sees Cherry Babes as main stars. Thanks to their concerts the audience loved First so much who wanted it in the movie! ""When we're on stage we love to interact with our fans, we enjoy so much performing arts and we want to share our passion with our public"". Cherry Babes are also songwriters, they started writing lyrics when they were kids and write every single song they perform. "" We love to write our own lyrics of our songs because we believe that this helps our audience to know us better and we can give them realer emotions"".

Their concerts are full of energy, passion and grit but Cherry Babes not only work in music and movies, they also are the main stars of Witchcraft: a new musical who made its world premiere in London (UK) on April 2010. The musical is inspired by the true story of the Salem witch hunt and has the goal to show witches in a different way. The musical and its plot conquered the English audience, giving to Cherry Babes a whole new bunch of musical theatre fans. ""Work in musicals is such an awesome thing, we have the chance to perform in front of the public each night and give them emotions and take them back as well "". And audience love them.

Born and raised in a little Italian village "" who has actually two people and three streets"" Cherry Babes, who are sisters of 22 y.o. and 25 y.o., started to study performing arts as kids, getting involved during their childhood and youth years in many shows, competitions and events. Cherry Babes were born with a big passion for the performing arts and always knew they wanted to be performers, endowed with a big quantity of determination Cherry Babes wrote their own songs, staged their own musicals and acted in their own short movies from when they were really young.
"" We remember that our mother taped us with her camera when we started to perform in our little room"".

But determination brought them from a little Italian village to hitting the States with their energetic music and with their vitality.
"" We want people to have fun, there are already so many worries in people's life and we think music should be a way out, a way to dance all together and forget the bad things for a couple of minutes"".
Cherry Babes fought really hard to pursuit their dream, untangling among many difficult moments.
""We always believed in ourselves, even when we had nothing but dreams. So we want to encourage other people to pursuit their dreams because, if you really believe in yourself, dreams do come true"".

First has a captivating and catchy tune perfect to dance and party on!

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Paulo Gama

8/15/2010 3:25:53 PM
Nice work.
Regards from Portugal.



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