A Bath-based instrumental quintet delivering a kaleidoscope of musical influences from Buenos Aires to the Balkans and Marrakesh to Montmartre. These world music veterans have come together fusing ethnic references and jazz to create genre-defying compositions delivered with passion and style.

Since the project was launched just over a year ago they have played at Marlborough International Jazz Festival, Bath Fringe Festival, Frome and Keynsham Music Festivals and dozens of local venues. They worked on the Arts Council funded rural touring circuit last autumn and are currently recording their first album.

Specialising in rhythms and melodies so infectious they may constitute a bio-hazard, the band continue to expand their vision of intelligent, danceable music with wide-ranging world roots and fiery jazz seasoning !

Violin : Nina Trott
Guitar : Dave Spencer
Guitar : Tony Barby
Bass : Tosh Wijetunge
Drums : Mark Whitlam

Emo Latino

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Juan Way Street

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Chandra Moon

3/16/2017 2:00:29 PM
So sorry for the sad news of Nina's passing.

Chandra Moon

10/12/2010 2:23:59 AM
Hello there Nina and co - good to see you here! x



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