“Be still, and listen to the universe, for it has stories to tell and songs to sing.
Sing out, and make noise, for the universe is listening and you have a story to tell and a song to sing."

Taurus Shadows
Taurus Shadows One Nine Six One There is a reason I am a Shadow But there are only two of us. It's not perfect any more One Nine Six One Rybird 2015

h h

Electro bass groove to a rhodes sounding simple rhythm, with dual flutes, pan and bamboo, lead line, with ambient backing and a medium page for relaxing as when driving down a long highway.

Ambient Electronic Groove
h h

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Shreveport La USA
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was looking at my untied shoes and talking to myself when I saw a crack in the sidewalk and froze for a second as all of eternity swept under me while smelling honeysuckle that reminded me of my crush on that 8th grader when I was in 7th grade, and the fly buzzing in my ear was in the key of G and I used my notebook to swat the fly which left a stain representing his last words which beside scribbled some words I saw on a bumper sticker on a bus that whizzed by. Then I tossed the notebook in the trash, picked up the bass, thumped through a groove, wasn't happy, deleted it, then switched to the keyboard after finding the spaciest sounding names of presets, yes, presets such as Atomic Monkey or Fried Plastic Cheeze, no time to twist knobs as time is pushing the spaces from my mind, then grab the guitar with the noisy pickups, it was out of tune with 4 and a half strings, so I laid it back down in its coffin. The music of the fly buzzing is quickly fading as I lay down keyboards on track nine, then blend the music mush like a fish going down the garbage disposal til it comes out like a nail in a block of ice. Then I made a silly WTF video, three days go by, I remember eating as I see the evidence of empty chips decoy cookie sacks, and now I am thirsty and trying to drink from an empty glass, You did bring refreshments I hope. So browz round at your own risk.Not liable for lost time, misguided hope or the hole in your left sock. www.rybird.com
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