Jorge Lopez's Debut CD “LISTEN” has a flavor for everyone, from Smooth jazz to Easy listening, R&B, Latin, Rock, and even a little Techno. His songwriting is simplistically brilliant and shines with sounds and textures, full of Melodic hooks that will keep you coming back for more. Once you hear “RUMBLE” with its Latin vibe or “Kinda Sexy” with a smooth taste of R&B or even “Peaceful Moments” which is a smooth easy listen that will take you away to your favorite park bench by the lake. Just one taste and you’ll understand why everybody must give this new artist a LISTEN. - Tony Boswell, former Vice President / Director of Strategic Content & Artist Development, Astral Records.


Latin Rock
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Latin Rock
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Jorge lopez

The Name, The Guitar

Debut Solo Album… “Listen”

Jorge’s musical talent covers an array of melodic masterpieces… welcome to the world where the artistic canvas is no longer painted with a brush. Within the man is an arsenal of genres. “Listen” provides a flurry of Jazz, Easy Listening, R&B, Latin, Rock, Techno, and many others. Once you delve into songs like “Rumble” with an energetic Latin vibe or “Kinda Sexy” with a hip R&B feel, you’ll understand why this album keeps everyone “listing” into the midnight hours.


One you hear it, you won’t forget… The Name, The Guitar…

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Jorge Lopez