What is “Dark Indie Pop”? Heck if we know but it describes Los Angeles’ The Approach perfectly. A lot of identifiable sounds but nothing concrete enough to allow you to compare them to another band very easily. The Approach has a fascination with trying to avoid musical ideas that have already been done to death before. Instead, they’ve decided to take on the task of writing songs that challenge the listener while still giving them what they want in the end.

With their first album completed in 2004 [Inglewood Adjacent], The Approach has completed their next album titled “The Creepy Clown”. With stronger cohesion in the songwriting, this album has a more focused sound and ventures into new sonic territories with synths, organs and more epic vocal arrangements. After having recently worked with writer/director Michael Horlick [Pee Stains and Other Disasters (2005), The Barber (2001 and Mob Queen (1998)], The Approach will soon be getting some more exposure. The songs “Paper Cup” and “The Ascetic” from the album “Inglewood Adjacent” are featured in Horlick’s new independent film ‘Pee Stains and Other Disasters’ that will be premiering in film festivals later this year.

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