TAJBER Records present recording artist, Janeska and her debut album, ""The Objective". Singer-songwriter Janeska calls her music ""eclectic-electric-pop"" and her combination of commercialism and artistry are leading her to a large and devoted fan base eager to cut their teeth on her original sounds. Whether mocking a past relationship in the pop jam ""On Your Knees,"" or expressing her inner turmoil against a massive wall of guitars in the hard rocking ""Highest Of Pain,"" Janeska's listeners always find a way to identify with her in a manner they can't accomplish with anyone else. Janeska's vocal prowess simply defies rational explanation. Her ethereal voice sounds innocent and girlish one moment, sultry and seductive the next, all while pushing and pulling against the beat in a manner that defines a distinctive rhythm no one can duplicate. Her mastery of the English language is evident in her profound and trenchant lyrics; most girls can't get away with words like ""exigency"" in their songs and still manage to make it catchy as hell.

""The Objective"" is a bold blend of music sincerity and seduction. Lyrically engaging and thought provoking, musically surpassing its' alt/pop genre, ""The Objective"" is an inspiring debut album from Janeska.

>2005 Female Artist of the Year nominee
-1st Annual UNSIGNED Independent Artist Awards

>2004 Winner Pepsi Music Challenge

>Top 5 Garageband.com

>Top 30 Recordpoolcharts.com


'On Your Knees was getting the most airplay...on 'The Lock-In' and also 'The Infect'ive Mix Show' aired 55 stations worldwide from AM in the UK to FM in New York and the Far East."" - Chris Brophy at chrisbrophy.co.uk

'[The Objective is] Full of good stuff... like getting the spastic energy and creativity of Bjork 10 years ago, fused with the logic and vocal virtuosity of Michelle Branch."" - Pioneer

'[Her] Liz Phair meets Tori Amos voice has a seductive quality that entices you to pay attention to the intelligent lyrics. [The Objective is] full of life due to solid instrumentation and a decided effort to do something a bit beyond the ordinary."" - Music Morsels

'This is an excellent record with interesting parallels to Poe and the Sneaker Pimps. 4 STARS"" - Poseidon for Gothic Beauty Magazine

'[The Objective] How do you describe this? Great electronic, almost trip-hoppy sound, and an undercurrent of soul. ' - Music Reviews for the Common Man

'Janeska is cool where Bjork is hot and hot where Everything But The Girl is cool."" - Eugene Robinson of Oxbow

***For more press, music, and merchandise, visit www.janeska.com


Alternative Pop Rock
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On Your Knees
 -  reached  # 1 on  KIAC Big 50   

Alternative Pop Rock
h h

Butterfly Kisses

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arhitektonski brk You are very beautifull and moonlight sounds like that too. You have originality, It sounds like trip hop spacy sexy electic electronica. On mine knees I mean mine is very interesting mix electronice and pop sounds.by
arhitektonski brk maybe in some moments your way of singing sounds like britney spears, but not so much so it's not bad.
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The Janeska Flash Report
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NEWS: JANESKA has been nominated for Artist of the Year 2005!

Go Cast your VOTE!!!

@ The Cherry Bar and Lounge

Thank you to all who came to the Cherry Bar & Lounge!

It was a great turn out!

And for those who missed it or just want another look at the performance
here is an 8min streaming video of the performance:

Media Lo-res

- Windows
Media Hi-res

Thanks again!

And hope to see you soon at my next performance!

And in the meantime, for your listening pleasure subscribe to


courtesy of Garageband.com.


Upcoming December Performances

at The Cherry Bar & Lounge

When: December 23, 2005

Where: 917 Folsom Street, SF, CA

Doors Open: 8pm

Ages: 21 and over

Admission: $6

Line-up: TBA



KSQQ 96.1 San Francisco, CA / KSFB San Francisco, CA / KZSC, Santa
Cruz, CA / KSEQ – Q97 Fresno, CA


Both the album “The Objective” and the 12” vinyl
single “On Your Knees” are in stock and available
to retailers. Contact TAJBER Records for ordering info: info@janeska.com.
POP Posters are available to ALL retailers carrying Janeska product.
If you need posters, please contact us at info@janeska.com and
we’ll get them to you ASAP.


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MusicNet, MusicNow, Napster, On-Line Promo, Weed, and more…


Janeska music has been selected for presentation by Wide Eye Productions,
Inc. (WEP) Brooklyn, NY.

“The Objective provides
a rhythmic backdrop for her stories of love and lost, caught between
a Madonna and a Mrs. Federline sandwich. Janeska’s catchy,
tongue twister lyrics and throaty voice…perfectly match
the electronic melodies. It is this vocal virtuosity that rises
above conventionally synthesized instruments to an otherworldly
realm.” – Michelle M. Wallace for Theowlmag.com

Janeska purrs out the music on
her first CD [The Objective] This old disco-head's favorite track
is "What the Heart Wants" which I would use in the mix
at any club. It reminds me of something the recently departed
Laura Branigan would sing, but at a slightly faster beat. The
title track "The Objective" drives its self-promoting
message with a rhythm reminiscent of the theme to an action movie.
It is the theme of her motivation to sing. The most interesting
song is "Moonlight," a mystical, sexy, far-eastern sounding
ballad. I resist the thinking that it's just on there to set up
the up-tempo remix which stands on its own viability as a dance
record, but you make the call. "Highest of Pain" is
the CD's last original track (the next four are radio edits and
remixes), and is for the rocker in you. Pay attention to Janeska's
lyrics and you will respect her art all the more for the very
open-minded and inclusive thought the obviously went into this
project. Janeska is a left-coast looker who has global potential.”
– Jimi Bruce for About.com


than a black panther on ice…Straight away I felt a Bjork
type vibe here” – KevJones from UK “Goldfrap
with a tad of Gwen Stefani” – Cottonhead from Oslo,
Norway “Original tune, what alternative pop should be right
here!” – Nilsprotractor from Canada “A portishead
sort of sound” – SimonScreams from Coxsackie, NY “I
love this, I love the voice and the sequencing. Very creative,
sounds kind of like Massive Attack.” – Tammy Raybould
from Ottowa, Ontario, Canada

“She sings with attitude, her melody is original, and she's
provocative; a sexier Bjork.” – ChessChick from Hudson,
New Hampshire


TAJBER Records | 370 Turk Street Suite 376, San Francisco,
California 94102

www.janeska.com | info@janeska.com

CD/album: “The Objective” TAJ88810 | 12”/single: “On
Your Knees” TAJ88811

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