Just a regular guy out of Phoenix AZ. Never been on tour. Never been to any high ranking music schools or associated with any big labels. Just a regular guy with some instruments, equipment, a love for music, and desire to share and learn more about the beauty of life and sound.
Music has always been a big part of my life. ""The art of sound"". As some have called it. The greatest thing, though is how it can be so different for each individual. Which makes sharing my art, as well as listening to other artist interpretations, so worthwhile.
Though I never had the opportunity to attend any one of the great schools for music, I still was able to benefit greatly from some outstanding teachers. Primarily there have been three people that have help my passion for creating music to grow. First my father, who from my youth on, instilled in me the confidence needed to give music my best shot. In this regard, he always had more confidence in me than I could understand why.
Second, the piano teacher I had when I was just a little kid. Her name was Chris. She taught me how to really feel music. How to get so deep into a song that everything slows down, freezes, and/or just disappears. At which point, the only thing left is only indescribable beauty... She taught me this before I even had 1 lesson with her. Before I even sat down at the keys. Just from talking to her and hearing her play, a person could learn this.
A lastly, my 11th grade creative writing teacher. Mr. Markley. He always talked about finding your ""niche"". Then he made me write poetry... I hated him for that. I was not in to poetry at all! But from that I found my ""niche""... Song writing. I never did get to thank him. But I will never forget what he taught me.
So that's it. This is me sharing my life through sound. :-)

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