Young Bradley Miller brings a gifted rising star quality to the gospel music world with inspiration and world class Nashville production. He is a minister and gifted singer and delights in sharing God's word through song and word. Also has a radio program.

The Oar
The Oar is a gospel song symbolizing the use of wood, wind and the roar of courage evoking God's power in the singer's life...

Country Gospel
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Peggy Mercer

2/1/2014 2:39:12 PM
I loved writing this song and your wonderful voice does a super job in expressing it for the world...way to GO and thanks to the Nashville production team at Creative Caffeine Studio.



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Peggy Mercer Congrats on awesome production and an inspired cut on The Oar...
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Bradley Miller announces his first cut of The Oar, a gospel song truly inspired and written by award winning songwriter, Peggy Mercer with music by jazz musician, John Richards. The song was recorded in Nashville and we invite everyone to share and add and play the song so it will inspire and bless many.
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2/1/2014 10:39:17 PM
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