Rick Temporao and The New Low merge folk melodies with head-nodding beats. Their high-energy, intense performances leave audiences both entertained and inspired.
Rick Temporao (tem-per-OW) came onto the scene as an acoustic solo artist. A born performer, Rick's live shows ventured from melodic intimacy to amplified bravado.Heavily influenced by the songwriting styles of Elliot Smith and Ben Harper, Rick began to play with the idea incorporating his thought-provoking lyrics with the power-pop and new wave sounds his older brother introduced him to as a kid.
Evolutionary by nature, Rick started to experiment with different recording and production techniques, and quickly realized that in order to bring his new sound to the stage, he needed to expand beyond the one-man band.
""I wanted to pair the strength and intensity of a full band and colour it with very human moments of vulnerability. This dichotomy is the defining characteristic of our band."" - Rick
Enter The New Low. Rick assembled a band consisting of veteran musicians Donn Dixon (Skaface, Spinecracker) on drums, guitar player Steffon Sepa (Earthboy),bass player Derek Raby (SUBtractor), and a prodigious newcomer, keyboardist Ian Morrison.
These experienced and inventive musicians provide the perfect backdrop with their ability to set a groove and explode into chorus or just disappear to shed light on a poignant lyric. These dynamics epitomize Rick's live show. More impressive than watching him wow a crowd with passionate vocals is having him hypnotize the room with a half-whispered falsetto.
Whether it's wowing their local fanbase or turning heads in new towns, Rick Temporao and the New Low continue to convert strangers into believers.

By the River
languid melodies backed by solid beats

Alternative Pop Rock
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