Born in Germany and raised in Texas, Lester Greene, the self-proclaimed momma's boy, has always had a strong appetite for hard work and success. As a pre-teen, he packed bags in a supermarket, and he would later work in construction throughout his teenage years, eventually graduating from college with a degree in English/Journalism.

Lester then hit a crossroads in his life. He wasn't thrilled at the prospect of being an English teacher so he leaned towards music because his older brother was a rising rap star. Shortly thereafter, Lester met musical genius Allen Parker and together, they penned some incredible songs including "Regular Person," "Stay Dreaming" and now "Marital Bliss" with Michelle Tabot. Along with being a rapper, Lester is an upcoming actor. He just recently booked a Co-Star role on Power, and he self-produced two short films with incredible filmmaker Antoine Allen: "Raw Footage" and "Driving Force."

Marital Bliss

Urban Pop
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Lester Greene