Michael Branagh is an Irish Singer/Songwriter based in Edinburgh, Scotland. This is the beginning of solo material being released and plenty more to arrive soon. Michael plays all keyboards, piano, all vocals and drums on his material.

The Single 'Wish You Well' is now available on Spotify and iTunes. Michael also drums/sings for Edinburgh outfits Gareeda & Degrassi. He is also the drummer of Edinburgh/Glasgow based band Tommy Concrete & the Werewolves and is a touring member of American Band - Warrior Soul. Former bands include Little Doses, Chi, Chicane, The Psycho Hearts, Yuill Scott & the Haight and Belfast based acts Peppermoth, Fusion.

Wish You Well
'Wish You Well'. One Song. One Man. All instruments and vocals by Michael Branagh. Song Written by Michael Branagh (2017).
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Michael Branagh will be recording a follow-up single to 'Wish You Well' in September 2017. Stay tuned! His present single 'Wish You Well' is available on Spotify, iTunes, google play and other digital outlets.
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