Born in Lawrenceville, GA, Nate Pennington is an upcoming rapper that’s looking to add his signature to the history books of hip hop.
At age 10, Pennington and his family moved to Woodstock, GA where he still lives to this day. His family has always been the inspiration behind his music and today remains some of his biggest supporters. He started freestyling at the age of 13 and once he realized that he had something special, based on how people responded to his rap skills, he decided to write full songs just shortly after, at age 14. Nate calls his sound struggle rap, or story rap; he uses his music to tell his story. He states “My music is all about my struggle” and it’s the struggle that keeps his lyrics authentic and his audience listening.
Nate is constantly working and honing his skills – he has competed and won several rap competitions to further cement his hustle to be a bonafide rap artist. Nate is in the process of recording his first official project, an album to be called My Time is Now slated to be released in 2018. He’s getting closer to realizing his dream of telling his story through his music. He states “I hope to inspire some other young person that is going through a storm, [to help them] understand he/she is not alone in the struggle”. Be sure to support Nate’s journey by following him on social media.

Rattle Cage

Hip Hop/Rap
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Nate Pennington