Inthe 1980's BobBogdal was under the tutelidge of master harmonica player and teacher Tom Townsley. It was here in Syracuse, NY isolated in the middle of the snowbelt that Bob was compelled to follow the path of the blues. In 1986 Bogdal played harmonica at Legend's in Syracuse during an open mic and has been playing ever since. Bob played with the Fat Bobs from 1990 to 1996 and could be seen at Dinosaur Bar BQ and other northeast clubs. Not totally satisfied with the Chicago style of blues, Bob pushed southward moving to Ft. Lauderdale in 1996 and started on a mission to explore the deeper and more primitive aspects of the blues. While in Ft. Lauderdale Bob teamed up with Street People and could frequently be seen from Daytona to the Keys playing their style of original material.

In 2001 while playing the Sound Advice Blues fest Bob met Richard Johnston IBC Winner 2001, one of the world's foremost hill country authorities. Richard asked Bob if he would come to Memphis and help him launch FTRC Produkshuns, Bob had found a new master and instrument. While on the road with Johnston he would pay close attention to Richard and bandmate Mark Simpson. After shows and back at the house they would teach him the hill country guitar style. Now three years later Bob has emerged with his own CD reflecting his personal vision into the mystery we call the Delta. The passion and history of the area unfolding and nurturing his original mission, Bob became absorbed into the trance like qualities of Hill Country Blues. His release ""Underneath the Kudzu"" 2005 is described as a haunting and personal poetic recollections of this period of transformation.

One cannot put fairly into words the experience of sitting under the stars at Sherman Coopers farm with RJ playing some chilling version of Hank Williams late at night . Or sharing moments with Jesse Mae hemphill at her place looking at videos of the day when she was Queen. Meeting the Kimbrough's and the Burnsides, Mark Simpson, and bless his soul Othar Turner. These folks are the Holy Grail, the primal pulse of the origin of great music, and as Richard Johnston will tell you we stand on the shoulders of the great many that travelled this path before us.

In 2002 Bob played on Beale Street with Richard Johnston in front of the New Daisy Theater, many nights were spent playin' harp on Mo Vinson's note. Most recently Bob has performed with Calvin Jackson, Cedric Burnside's father, backing up Daniel ""Slick"" Ballinger (2004 AlbertKingAward-Winner and 2004 (IBC Runner-Up), Bob continues to promote the history and traditions of the living blues in his own work and with others.

This is what Bob says about the next release:

"" I am looking forward to creating something very solid and produced at a higher level than Kudzu. My fans can look forward to hearing a full band on this Cd as I push further into the realms of trance and hypnotic blues and explore the alt-country style.""

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Bob Bogdal is currently working with his new band ""the Sweet Tease"" and is looking forward to a very busy schedule in 2006. 1/29/2008 1:28:22 AM
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