Daron didn't realize music would be such a big part of his life until late into his high school years. He began teaching himself guitar and a couple of years later, formed his first band with a few friends. ""We sucked really. Played some parties, a couple of club gigs, mostly garage type stuff. We sure thought we were cool though.""
Honing his skills as a guitar player, Daron continued to play in different projects, experimenting with different kinds of music, but always in the roles of lead guitarist, backing vocalist, and co-writer. It wasn't until he teamed up with his most successful project to date that he realized something was missing. ""It was an interesting point in my life. I've always been big on self-reflection and insight. What I was seeing on the inside just didn't match what was going on on the outside. I knew it was time for a change.""
Daron decided to strike out on his own. Leaving his current musical situation was a difficult decision, but one that needed to be made in order for him to be happy. He began planning his solo project. ""I don't know...maybe it was all about the singing. The bands I had been in in the past wouldn't 'allow' me that outlet. It was frustrating, so I started writing songs for myself."" He got some friends together and decided to play a sampling of his new material for them. ""It was pretty scary. I hadn't really been the focal point or been that naked before. After the initial jitters went away, it was such a relief because I knew that I finally had the musical outlet I was looking for. The great thing about it was when I was finished playing, my friends were like 'It's about time you got up the nerve to do that. We don't know why it took you so long.' Their support and enthusiasm for what I was doing, meant the world to me.""
Over the next several months, Daron wrote song after song, exploring his musical abilities and inner thoughts. After amassing a collection of more than thirty songs to choose from, it was time to take the music into the studio. He picked eleven songs to be featured on his upcoming solo release, 'Life in a Paper Bag'. ""It was hard to choose. I mean, all of what I write is me, my soul. But I'm not crazy enough to think that every song I write is a winner. In the end, I picked eleven tunes that I think best reflect me musically at this point. It's been a journey that's for sure... I just hope the songs on this CD touch the folks who hear it in a way that's new to them.""

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