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The L.A. Carpool

The Best Salsa and Pop music for your
film, radio show or live performance

Welcome to the Indie World of the best Salsa/Pop Music around today. This is unique music unlike what you’ve heard before in this genre and all our music is live and original.

The L.A. Carpool website has already received over one million hits. But that’s just one indication of the band’s growing popularity. L.A. Carpool has been featured in a Salsa night club scene on the CBS television show “First Monday,” and the song “Salsa Inferno” was played. The band has performed live on LATV Live, KJLA which broadcasts to approximately 10 million bi-lingual households. (Video of that appearance is available upon request).

The L.A. Carpool was also heard in the major motion picture “NARC” starring Ray Liotta and Jason Patric. The song “Mi Guajira” was redone especially at the music supervisor’s request to have a male voice singing the song in Spanish. The song plays in the background as Patric and Liotta team up as partners in a café scene, so watch and listen for it there. The band and our individual names are acknowledged in the credits at the end.

What makes this band accessible and different is the layered “wall of sound” that incorporates a full Latin rhythm section of the best Los Angeles Salsa musicians, playing typical mambo, son, cha’s and all other popular musical idioms enjoyed by Salsa dancers throughout the World. On top of that, we layer the song with an intelligent lyrics by Rick Ryan and pop sensibility. Former Geffen Records Artist Frank Garcia who also writes and produces the melody lines in conjuntion with producer/creator Jack Gold, plays guitar. The finishing touches are the rhythmic background vocals sung in Spanish. World famous percussionist Richie Gajate-Garcia adds to the “Tropical” rhythm sounds, and the singer Gloria T (half Colombian and half Irish) sounds sweet, hot and sexy in both English and Spanish.

Give the Carpool a ride for authentic tropical sounds and for popular, familiar and contemporary music. 70 minutes and 15 songs of great music make this one of the hottest buys available today in the music world. Take us for a ride in your car and you’ll never be the same again!

You can find the L.A. Carpool CDs available for sale online at $9.95 at and at If you wish to purchase individual songs, they are available at
and at .99 cents each. A review would be appreciated. Our music is also a perfect means for your radio station to keep your audience tuning in again and again. We are now available on,, and almost all of the other available single song download sites. We have been exceptionally thrilled by the Internet worlds acceptance of the Carpool.
PS: Please let us know if you are playing this, any tracks you like, and if you need any more copies!!!! Thanks: Jack, Richie, Gloria, Frank, Rick and the entire Carpool ensemble. Also We just won #1 on the Just Plain folks best Latin CD although we bend the genre to Pop and rock. As well #1 Song on the community of over 250,000 members.

to go right there.

We are also garageband track of the week first week in feb

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Mi Guajira/ Love the Latin way
the congas play and the streetlamps sway as the lovely gloria is caught up in the Havana Nights

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Beautiful rockin latin original featuring Frank on guitar

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Salsa Inferno
A hot mambo done by the Carpool Live in the studio. Our most requested song and featured in the CBS drama "First Monday"

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Black Moon
Nice house midtempo track featuring the flute talents of Fay Roberts, the trumpet talents of Enzo Villaparedes, the piano talents of Albeniz Quintana and the percussion talents of Richie Gajate-Garcia

Latin Jazz
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Big news! come see the band live at the Santa clarita, California 4th of July Parade starting at Newhall Park at 12 Noon ending at 2:00 PM It;s going to be a Jam.
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