I have somewhat-recently got into the song writing and recording biz. Though, "Shine In My Eye" is not the first song I have written, it is the basically the first song I recorded. I wrote this song for my wife and my 25th wedding anniversary. It was written, arranged, recorded (with the help of some friends) and burned to CD without her knowledge. The first time my wife heard the song was when we celebrated the 25th. Mark Pederson (vocals) arrived at the restaurant and sang it at our table. Very cool. Lots of points!

Thanks, especially to Mark Pederson (Vocals), Rocky Albertson (Piano), Rich Deckelman (Bass) and Robert Wyatt (Guitar) for their contribution to this recording.

John Schwartz

The second song that I had posted was Caveman Blues. It was written by J. B. Ingram during a time of real hardship in his life. When I first heard him sing the song, I was really touched by the lyrics.

I deleted Caveman Blues from this site because J. B. will be opening his own site soon and he will re-post it. It is a very cool song and I wish the best for J. B. and his music endeavors. When it does get posted, take a listen. I think you'll like it.

Therefore, I am replacing Caveman Blues with an instrumental version of a song called:

Lord, Forgive Me

This song will eventually be replaced with a version with a vocalist. I've been mobilized and will be out of pocket for about 8 months so I won't have the opportunity to get the vocals recorded.

Shine In My Eye
A romantic love song celebrating 25 years of marriage.

easy listening
h h

Lord, Forgive Me

h h

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J. B. Ingram, author of Caveman Blues, will be opening his own site. He will be posting this very cool song.
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