In 2001 producer and songwriter team, Poul Martin Bonde and
JanD joined forces with singer Anne K. In 2003 an album entitled: “The importance of being human” was released.
The album got fine reviews, decent airplay and television attendance. And live shows at Danish festivals were more than succesfull……..But then, what next?
The album did not go platinum, to say the least. A few hundred
sold copies in stores, a few hundred downloads at local dba Payload.
The good part though: No one lost their souls or went broke,
in this process. A new album is being prepared, with all the time it needs.

Anne K: Is well known in the Copenhagen underground circuit
singing jazz, lounge, house, folk and pop. You can absolutely hear that her origin is half Irish, half Danish.

Poul Martin Bonde, (lyrics and music) is an institution in Danish music. Through the 90´ties he was A&R manager at Sony. Today he runs his own label “Transistormusic”

Jan Due (music, instruments, production) has been active for about three decades in the Danish music scene. As a guitar player, singer, composer, producer.

Album "The importance of being human" now available at and at iTunes Music Store.

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