A dark blues/alt country trio out of Brooklyn, Boss Tweed features Carolyn Sills on bass/vocals, Gerard Egan on guitar and Eric Reed on drums.

""[Sills'] vocals resonate with a throaty anguish, torch songs sung straight from the heart... Egan's licks are cool and classic… it's rockabilly recast for a new era.""
- Vintage Guitar Magazine

'Swing meets cool jazz & blues with a touch of country twang - that's what you get from NYC trio Boss Tweed. They supersede generic stereotypes, and Carolyn’s voice soothes your tired soul, leaving you aching for more on this self-titled release.'

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Lauri hello there :) its your turn again for the top spt at Country Folk & blue shades of Grass
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Boss Tweed plays Galapagos in Williamsburg Brooklyn on Friday June 23rd at 9:30pm. Come see the live show that everyone's talking about...

Vintage Guitar Magazine loves Boss Tweed! Visit their website to read the stellar review of their debut album... you can even buy the disc directly from the website!

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Boss Tweed