In the early seventies, rap/hip-hop emerged from the drugs, streets, and squaller of what's known as The Boogie Down Bronx. People just needed some way to mentally escape the poor impoverished "hoods" in the BX and rap music was ultimately their way out of the ghetto, both mentally and physically. As of 2010, however, hip-hop has changed drastically. Lyrics and conceptual music has been disregarded for a more party/club - friendly sound. We all love to escape reality and have a good time, but reality is what it is. Corporate monies have funneled out the need and want to express hardships in the ghetto and Black life in general. FlowHookz is a young aspiring artist from the birthplace. FH combines his knowledge of the hood and the knowledge he gained through his years of schooling, to birth a unique listening experience. He places heavy importance on concepts and lyrics within his music and if you appreciated the golden era (late 80's - mid 90's) of rap, then consider FlowHookz a modern throwback. His love for the city of New York in general, is also very evident in his music. He maintains the attitude that "there is never a need to bring the city back simply because rap/hip-hop is New York and a New York way of life." Also, however, he understands that typical hot spots for artists in NYC are stagnant right now and that The Bronx would be an ideal place to birth New Yorks next great rapper!

His first album is titled ""Boogie Down Sound."" You can purchase the album on Enter artist: FlowHookz.

The Bronx is in the building!

A track from his debut album "Boogie Down Sound," FlowHookz breaks down the true definition of "Love." Over a ridiculously ill Luther Vandross sampled beat produced by J. Butler, F.H. doesn't disappoint!

Hip Hop/Rap
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Glockz Pop
Another hott track off of "Boogie Down Sound." With top-notch production by Bad News, FlowHookz offers a narative like tale of hood life and the outcome of when the "Glockz Pop."

Hip Hop/Rap
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