"Chris Michael"
Born and raised in The Bronx New York, started his career at an early age dancing in local talent and school shows. He did a Christmas commercial on a P.B.S . for ""Woman Of The Week"" and enjoyed the spotlight so much, that he entered the performing arts programs in both Jr. High and High School. There he met his teachers/mentors, Philip Belfrom and Barbara Marrinette. They helped bring out a more creative side by tapping into his natural ability for dancing, acting, and screen play writing. Through his mentors, Christen was able to secure a lead part in ABC's after school special ""Getting Ahead"", standing along side noted actor/director Tony Danza (Who's the Boss). He was than asked to do a national Coca-Cola Christmas commercial directed by John Singleton.

At the age of 13 his career in dance began to evolve, when he landed a roll on MTV's dance show ""The Grind"". MTV used him in numerous commercials, and other major MTV productions such as ""Say What Karaoke"" and MTV's other dance show ""Global Grooves"". He also appeared on VH-1's ""8 Days Of The 80's"". He also was choosen to dance on the highly respected and world wide dance organization ""Culture Shock"". As his talent progressed he continued to dance and appear in video's and toured with notables: Lil' Mo, Busta Rhymes, Biggie Smalls, Lil' Kim, Monica, Queen Latifah, Charlie Baltimore, Strings, Swiss Beats, and Treach of Naughty By Nature.

In 2002 he moved to Baltimore and two months later auditioned to dance for Cash Money Recording Artist Lil' Mo for the Rock Da Mic Tour. At the last minute Christen was asked to choreograph the tour because of his raw but intricate style. His choreography has been seen world wide on ""The Rock Da Mic Tour 03"", ""The Sprite Simon Detour Live Mall Tour 03"", ""Seagrams Gin Tour 05"", Baltimore's Believe Tour 05"", ""Stone Soul Picnic 05"" and Bet's 106 & Park performing the song ""Super Woman"" with Lil' Mo. Christen choreographed Lil' Mo's first single ""Dem Boyz"" for her third upcoming album ""Syndicated - The Lil' Mo Hour"" that will be aired nationally in 06. Christen Michael is head choreographer to Lil' Mo as well as Gospel Group ""God's Image"" R&B Diva ""Cynthia Lissette"" and up and coming R&B vocalist Sanjay.
He has made quite a name for himself in his new home of Baltimore, MD where he has worked at dance studios, Westminster Ballet Center (State of the Arts), B. Funk, Savage Dance Company, Backstage Dance Studio, Mortan Street, Nicole gait and Karen Sachs. His choreography at competitions, Los Angeles Dance Force (LADF), Hollywood Vibe, and Star Power to name a few, have taken home high gold, platinum and most entertaining awards for his creative hip hop and street jazz combinations.

In Feb, of 2006 Christen headed to Amsterdam to work with accomplished UK producers: DJ Poison, Steez and Ravian, The Beat Kids, and Project Hyplified. While over seas Christen met Marcel Barrette (over seas dancer for Mariah Carey) and taught master classes at ""Moves"". Christen also appeared in February's 2006 edition of Mic Magazine. He then returned to the states and started performing in the Baltimore and DC area. And in that short time he has been recognized as a true entertainer and a force to be recon with, by combining his artistry as a choreographer, dancer, singer and songwriter together.

Christen is known for his humility and his crazy sense of humor on and off stage. It helps him interact and relate to the fans that he has already gained. He keeps his audience entertained with his God given talents as well as his unique mixture of good looks that come from his parents who are from Jamaica and The Dominican Republic. His soothing tone but strong voice as well as his energetic and sometimes risque dance moves, keeps the crowd wanting more. Christen's music is edgy and straight to the point. His writings come from his own personal life which gives great passion to each song. His words and concepts will keep you on the edge of your seats wanting more. It is evident to anyone that knows or is watching him, that he truly loves performing and there is nothing else he'd rather love doing.

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