Experimental/minimalist project The Lies And How We Told Them is based on the idea of one kooky German who's living in London.

‘An up and coming British band. Definitely one to watch in the coming months.’ – Rough Trade

'There's a real "pumping-finger-in-the-air" element to this band ala Arcade Fire and Hope of the States. In this day and age, it's almost impossible to find that comfortable medium of enough pop for uncultured music listeners, while still holding on to some artistic originality.' – N/A Reviews (USA)

‘Whilst hanging precariously off a cliff by a line of thread, The Lies And How We Told Them delicately catch a breeze that carries them away with their emotive pop songs.’
– 93 Records

'The Lies aren't your live energetic band with high jumps and head shakes, they are a band that make you stand with your mouths slightly akimbo with small amounts of drool seeping into the corners. They make your head spin with vocals and ambient guitars that make you fly to the moon and back.'
– First Live Music Magazine

Broken TV
'Broken TV, the opening track, is combined of emotive clashes and muted comedowns, reminiscent of Pink Floyd and 1997 Radiohead, carrying the same impact.' - Salvo Magazine

Alternative Modern Rock
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Digital Operator

Alternative Modern Rock
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THE LIES AND HOW WE TOLD Come on LIARS! Shout it out LOUD!!! ALl come to the BArfly show on the 30th of September!
wet dentist i dig your broken tv
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April 27 Stereo Wonderland, Cologne (Germanzy)
April 28 Meyer,
Siegen (Germany)
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