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T.G.L. is a power pop band based out of Greencastle IN, consisting of 4 lifelong friends, who started the group back in mid 2002 as high school students. The band was and is still based on performing for the love of the music. In a three year career the band has already played over 250 shows, sending them as far east as New York City and as far west as Arizona. The band has become great friends with bands such as The Junior Varsity and June from Victory Records, and shared the stage with over two hundred different bands including bands like The Junior Varsity, June, Asteria, and Jack’s Mannequin.

In November 2004 the band saw an opportunity to help fellow classmates in need, and hosted an event called Band Aid 2004. The event was for two brothers who had recently lost both of their parents to cancer. T.G.L. brought in six bands from all over the U.S., and took two months to promote. With over 900 people in attendance, T.G.L. and a group of volunteers helped raise over $12,000 for the parentless brothers.

TGL has also been the go to entertainment for Indiana's Leadership Conferences throughout the state. Including ""Youth for Youth"" and ""Drug Free Leaders"", exposing their compatability with a younger audience.

This past summer T.G.L. planned their first east coast tour and have toured the Midwest dozens and dozens of times. Just this 2005-2006 seasons they’ve already played over 100 shows all over the U.S. The band was recently featured in Jerseybeat Magazine’s unsigned band section, sharing the pages with bands like The Early November, Pennywise, and Thrice.
At the release of their debut EP May 2005, we consistently held the position on as #1 Band in Indiana for three months straight, and hope to continue that trend. They have been working with their ""do it yourself"" attitudes and hope to take the next step in furthering their musical careers soon. TGL has recently been sponsored by Neath Clothing Company, Red Army Clothing Company, Medicine Man Custom Drums, Sam Ash Music Stores, Hype Energy Drinks, and more possible sponsorships in the works.

Now as college students, the four boys plan on going on yet another full blow U.S. tour this summer to promote the release of their new EP out in early June

With three years of experience, three U.S. tours, and four CD’s under their belt, T.G.L. is ready to find even more success in the music industry. Only time will tell what these boys will bring to the future of music.

My Routine Failed

power pop
h h

first track off of our summer EP

Alternative Pop Rock

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