CLEAR BLUE SKIES are: DEREK ALLAN: Flamboyant and full of energy, this lead singer and lyricist just wants everyone to be happy. With a look that wouldnt be out of place in a US rock band, Derek has been an integral part of Clear Blue Skies since its formation 10 years ago. A prolific writer, Derek takes his inspiration from real life, real people and real situations. MATTY PRINGLE: Composer and guitarist Matty grew up with the band from the tender age of 18. He has now penned over 150 tracks in collaboration with Derek whilst his finger picking guitar solos have become the stuff of legend. JOHN PAUL (J-P) ALLAN: Brother of Derek, this drummer formed the original band with his childhood friend Matty. And the rest so they say, is history. J-Ps dynamic talent and sheer joy of playing is infectious, leaving the crowds hammering for more. EDDY: The newbie and bassist. 25 year old Eddy joined the band 3 years ago.

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