Since joining IAC, I've been struck by the generosity of spirit that members exhibit. I put a couple of very lo-fi, Tascam 404-recorded songs on my site, and people listened to the songs instead of the production quality - so I'm putting this up to encourage anyone out there who thinks they can't post on IAC unless they've recorded in a squillion-track 'facility' with session musicians behind them. (Thanks to Hugh Hamilton for his DIY site, which inspired me to do this

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Hugh Hi, Brian - lucky for the world-at-large, my old four-track reel-to-reel is not functional...and the tapes are so old and have been so poorly kept that they crumble at the slightest glance...glad to have encouraged you to share a bit more lo-fi...rock on!
Hugh I am enjoying a listen, by the way...dig that snappy jazzy sound - you are one Cool Cat...
Jilly Brian, Brian, Brian! I've got to have this one it's brilliant. The sound is so authentic like a clever retro effect- Swinging dancey feel "big band" break - super duper!
Jilly Hey I really like this one too (apart from the givaway string synths) Love wordy songs. gives a whole focus to the listen and the arrangement is quite original too. You've made me want to dig my old ones out now!
Mortamor It's Over is really an excellent work. Your command of our language is awesome as are your skills at writing it down! This song has SO MUCH potential. Good stuff, Brian!
Jilly I put you on Mood Swings, didn't have anything like "It's Over" on there - hope you don't mind the silly comments, I am Silly Jilly you know.
Jillianne (again) OK, I dug out a pre software produced on a little keyboard but recently I tried to recreate a version in collab with Rich LaCina which is on Miles B Tween - So two for the price of one my friend ha ha!
Mortamor Hey, Brian. Give a shout if you're able. I hope all is well with you. PEACE!
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Brian Booth II - four track lo-fi