Dakini literally means space goer and refers to a being abiding in the bliss of the realization of emptiness, the ultimate nature of reality, as expressed by Buddha Shakyamuni and those he inspired on the path to enlightenment.
Dakinis are a recently evolved three piece who have set out to combine the beauty of creative expression with spiritual thinking and are dedicated to the developement of peace on planet earth.

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Brian Booth Hey Brian thanks for all your help see you soon v
owen worte a message to you in the wrong place i thought this box sends messages ha ha ha
brian I'm delighted you've come to IAC, where you'll meet some of the nicest and most talented people in cyberspace
Hugh Brian's right - but you'll also meet guys like me...
con'd Welcome to IAC - hope you have plenty of fun here!
Ash Hiya! Welcome here! Thats so cool Brian brought you here to iac. Brian is right, Hugh is right and then theres girls like me. ha! Coolia music!
brian (again) Owen - don't worry about the messages above, you're not being sucked into some strange cult... thanks for the message on serendipity I, let me warn you now that browsing IAC is addictive, and if you're late on duty that's the first question I'll be asking
Ash hehe Brian! cult! hehe! You three are lucky to know Brian in person, I can imagine he keeps you all in stiches with his humor. Hey, Your We Built this Rocks! Love it.
owen Yeah he is the source of much amusement and an incredibly compassionate wise dude.
Ash Have you seen the Brian Booth Doll guitar capo yet?
owen No this capo is news to me i will seek it out imediately.
Naal Ottsun Any friend of Brian's is a mate o' mine too! 'We built this' is great - love the bass sound, drum panning and vocal fx. Take care - Naal
Naal Ottsun I don't play my own songs live, just other people's...
Ash and all Brian Booths Please if you hear from Brian Booth, let him know we're all concerned if he is ok we hope.
Ash Good News! Brian is alive and well. I posted info on the Station Shoutbox
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Acoustic gig @ the Edge of the Wedge, Portsmouth on November 14th 2006 8/26/2006 1:16:06 PM
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