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""Kamchatka - the name conjures up visions of rugged vistas - raw and strangely alien yet beautiful landscapes.

Well, if there was ever a band that sounded like their name, you just found it. These guys take their instruments and fearlessly go off into uncharted musical territory, and like musical crusaders, they bring their audio discoveries back from the abyss to share with the less adventurous. This stuff is RAW...barely contained...crackling with energy and dripping with sweat. These guys prove once and for all that the power trio is alive and well, kicking major ass on every cut, combining vicious grooves, precision timing and sheer force.

Classic tones from guitarist Thomas Andersson propel this juggernaut. Unlike other players who end up beholden to their effects, Andersson uses them like weapons, creating a totally stylized Hendrixian bluesy, trippy, greasy and freaky psychofunkedelicized sonic assault with tons of feel and chops to spare. The rhythm section is like a nitro-fueld bulldozer and tight as a vault, creating the launching pad for Andersson's stratospheric excursions. These guys MEAN it - nothing about their music is contrived or calculated. It's the real item, folks.

This is one trip you can't afford to miss. Fans of late 60s - early 70s heavy guitar riffage will freak out when they crank this one up. You'll think you just stepped out of the Wayback machine! Don't believe me? That's OK. It just means you haven't heard Kamchatka's debut CD yet. What the hell are you waiting for?""

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Hi there everybody!!!!!!!!
welcome to Kamchatkas IAC page
hope you like what you hear.

Glad to be here!!

Look out for our second album
which will be released on the New york based indie lable Grooveyard records February 2007.

Kamchatka will open for Clutch in Sweden Malmö,KB 22/4
Stockholm,Debaser 23/4
Gothenburg,Stickyfingers 28/4


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